The following are proprietary BizTech Fusion developed products:

Social Navigation Mobile App (codenamed Weebeekon)
EHR/EMR Practice Management

Social Navigation Mobile App (codenamed Weebeekon)

Weebeekon is a social navigation networking application where people can keep in touch with their circle of friends, family, social events, restaurants, “hot-spots”, dating, evites, etc.. This application can also be used for business purposes, such as instant messaging, presence, group chat, and GPS tracking. This application will mainly run on Apple and Android mobile devices. The application is available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.


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EHR/EMR Practice Management

BizTech Fusion is in process of developing an electronic medical records/electronic health records EMR/EHR Practice Management tool. Designed for behavioral analysis practicioners yet adaptable for most healthcare organizations, this tool complies with the Government mandate while automating workflows to support all areas of business operations. Please check back for an announcement on the general public release near Q4 FY 2015.

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